XTD Limited is pleased to advise that Contact Light Pty Ltd, the innovation division of digital out-of-home company XTD Ltd, is set to launch its EMBARK technology in Queensland.

EMBARK is a smartphone app that allows commuters to plan their journeys across all forms of public transport, read the most in-demand editorial content from a variety of news sources, and exclusively interact with content on a network of digital out of home screens installed by XTD in Brisbane’s busy commuter rail network. The interactions could be information or entertainment based, as well as e-commerce.

XTD offers the world’s first, designed for metro rail, large format cross-track digital media system and uses billboard-size LED video displays coupled to high definition sound to broadcast advertising and information to metro train commuters. In Brisbane the XTD video network operates in both below ground and open air locations with content on the screens booked through XTD’s partnership with APN Outdoor.

Contact Light was approved to be spun out of XTD in July 2015 to take advantage of major opportunities in the rapidly growing digital out-of-home and mobile communications industries. The Company recently announced the launch of the OTTO app with Curtin University in Western Australia, enabling intra-campus transport tracking, wayfinding and a custom campus map with levels of detail not seen in Google or Apple Maps.

“We are rapidly evolving our capabilities in the connectivity of digital out of home with people’s mobile devices,” said XTD CEO Steve Wildisen. “The connectivity is being built on both geo location and content relevance for transit customers who are attracted to screen images and want to extend their engagement via their mobile devices.”